Biafra: As We All Come Into This Coalition- Press Statement by BNC

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Biafra National Council is the council of Biafrans for Biafra, it is not a group. This is the coalition center and, here, no man boasts of anything except of Biafra and, above all, of God in whom, with whom, and through whom we will surely see her coming. BNC is not a place for power-drunk individuals nor is it for those whose aim is to establish a financial empire; no! Biafra National Council is the democratic umbrella that should, must and will cover the interests of all that is Biafra. In BNC, we acknowledge all groups and their leadership. Not only that, they have their equal representation in the center such that there should be no relegating to the background of any group.

They said we could never agree on a thing and we did: on Biafra. Then they said we are so individualistic that we could never let a collective cause become our priority such that allows power control from a supposed head, but we also did. In fact, we so selflessly stood twice and more for this very cause such that we let one man becomes virtually the unanimous voice in all decisions. And we paid greatly for it each time, because, in every sense, no man can and, therefore, should play God; only God has the power to do without help. But, then, such blunders and display of ‘zeal without knowledge’ were primary characteristics and strengths of our selflessness when it came to Biafra. And now they are saying: “they are now more divided than ever and will never be able to trust each other enough to come together and do what is needed.”  Well, again, we are proving all of them wrong; Biafra National Council (BNC) has come out to say: “we are not only selfless, we will not only learn from our past and move beyond it, but we will come together– this time with a force that cannot be broken down or successfully opposed by any excuses. Not even the set standards by our enemies mean a thing anymore to us because we have set our own standard. We have come from the fire and are now way beyond the schemes, machinations, and all of ‘he said, she said, and they said’ that threaten to stand between us and what the blood of our lineage dropped on the ground for.

As the coalition keeps growing, there are a few things to keep in mind: Here in Biafra National Council, you will find men who have been crushed but who choose not to die. Here, you will find people who have tried several methods which didn’t work. Here, you will meet with people who value their pride but have decided to shelve all for the very cause which is Biafra. Here, you will find those who were, so to say, enemies for different reasons, but have now become friends for the same reason.. Amongst us are men whose sacrifices are always and mostly silent but who, nonetheless, give the best of it all towards the goal. We are not men and women who have no scars and who are too perfect or who know it all, no;  we are those who rose from the ashes of the fire set against us by the enemies from within and from without. And we, like the phoenix, have risen to continue chanting that very name upon which God’s mercy will see us through. And that name is Biafra. No one is bigger than this; neither governments nor forces are divinely assigned against us; nor are there things that obliterate which can obliterate Biafra from us because we all bear her indelible imprints all over us. It is for this singular reason that we, as groups, are coming together to fulfill our call. Though, individual in our groups, we have come to understand that our power and strength lie in our unanimity. We are not belittled in the least, but we are, through this coalition of wounded generals, emboldened and fertilized enough for greater and better yield. Therefore, as more groups gird their respective loins towards coming in, let us all accept the fact that God is interested in setting us free. This should propel our actions and our actions will determine which side of history we are signing up for. Biafra National Council wishes you well and welcomes you in advance.

Yours in absolute service, Ikechukwu Enyiagu ( For Biafra National Council (BNC)


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