Covid 19: FG Takeover of the Movement of Essential Food-The Implications

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BNC Press Statement


It has come to the notice of Biafra National Council that the government of Nigeria has decided to dabble into transportation/movement of ‘essentials,’ food, and livestock into all parts of the country. According to the information available,

The FG, in its recent decision, transferred the authority of coordination to Rivers CP, Joseph Mukan, who is now to head the Joint Technical Taskforce Team on Emergency Response to COVID-19 on challenges on Movement of Food and Agricultural Inputs in the Country.


While BNC is not against anything that is aimed at ameliorating the sufferings of the masses as a result of the pandemic, we would state here that we are not oblivious of the internal plots by the oligarchy to seize all of South, especially the Biafran territory, for the Fulani and whatever further evil agenda is at play. Recent news has been replete with truckloads of herdsmen and people of different shades being smuggled into Biafran territories at nights. See link:


Biafra National Council therefore warns the federal government and whoever engineers these genocidal plots to stop, turn around and return home. We will not let the mistakes of the 1967-70 war repeat against us. We will not surrender and we will not think twice.


Biafrans have put up with the anti-people policies of the Nigerian government for far too long. We have managed to avoid what can be avoided for over half a century now and we have born shame and tolerated some excesses from the northern-Nigeria-propelled-government: our women have been severally raped and killed by these herdsmen, our men have been murdered in their numbers and our farms and forests have been run over by the encroaching nomads of the cave days. In all these, our killers have always had the Nigerian military and paramilitary as their backbone and defence. We can no longer put up with these. We believe that this new development is aimed at ensuring a free passage for all terrorists and their weapons of destruction into Biafraland.

We understand, from several intelligence reports, that these state-sponsored enemies of our people are on their final push to overrun and overtake Biafraland. We acknowledge their guts, optimism and resilience; however, we are assuring them here and now that those who come further against us are on a suicide mission. But, unlike it’s been obtained before, they shall kill only themselves.

Biafra National Council hereby notifies the world of an impending catastrophe within the forced contraption called Nigeria. And we hereby also notify all Governors of the Biafra States to understand that it is their primary duty to ensure Biafrans within their areas of governance are protected.


In the event that they are overwhelmed, we expect that these governors call us in because it is our collective duty to protect ourselves, especially in the event that the federal government has a sinister plan against us. No one can be excused, not this time.


Finally, we call on all Biafrans to hasten their decisions towards joining forces with BNC. We thank those who have seen the grave danger before us and are, therefore, discarding every weight. Biafrans within the Nigerian military and paramilitary setups are also put on notice; begin to adjust yourselves and do not be put off guard anymore. We are one and will not fail this time.

The coming confrontation will be unimaginable. Let us therefore stand our ground and stand strong. Above all, shun all manner of fear because those who expect us to fear them are destined to cower before us.

God bless Biafra!



Ikechukwu Enyiagu

Publicity Secretary



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