ELECTION BOYCOTT: Thank you Biafrans-Press Release

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The Indigenous People of Biafra Biafrans (IPOB) through its leadership team of Directorate of State (DOS) hereby congratulate Biafrans in general and those in Anambra state, in particular, for the successful boycott of the recently-conducted gubernatorial election in Anambra state. This feat was achieved despite lies and negative propaganda repeatedly churned out by Intersociety and its cohorts. We are glad to report that Intersociety, through their statement issued on November 20, 2017, has openly confessed and acknowledged that the election was conducted without a single incidence of violence contrary to their claim that “IPOB planned to violently stop the election.” It will be recalled that the campaign by IPOB was for a peaceful stay-at-home/boycott of the election by Biafrans.

The DOS congratulates Biafrans because the election boycott has opened up the stinkingly corrupt underbellies of the decadent and fraudulent Constitution upon which the election was based. Even Intersociety in their statement noted that “Some permanent voters’ cards bearers had before the poll surrendered or sold their permanent voters’ cards or allowed their PVCs’ sensitive serial numbers to be copied with their new passports taken; all in return for peanuts” and that “Some, if not many of those that voted in the areas were either bribed or constituted the bulk of party men and women that voted along party lines.” Intersociety further confessed that “On average, not less than N100, 000 was estimated to have been squandered on “voters’ procurement” in each of the 4,608 polling booths.”

Based on these true confessions by Intersociety, the DOS can confidently assert that even the claimed total of 448,771 of votes cast could not have been achieved but for the “vote-for-pay” exercise carried out by those involved in that election. The DOS is happy that our campaign on a boycott of the election, which was predicated on two genuine and unarguable reasons, paid off on a very significant scale. It will be recalled that we urged Biafrans to boycott the election because the said election is mandated under Section-178 of Nigeria’s fraudulent Constitution. Secondly, the DOS admonished Biafrans to stay away from the election because the eventual winner must comply with Section-185(1) and will be permanently gagged by Section-4(5) of the same fraudulent Constitution. With approximately 80% level of a boycott of the election, Biafrans have demonstrated in no small measure that they have rejected the Nigerian fraudulent Constitution through this historic Internal Referendum.

The next way forward for Biafrans is to support the coalition platform called Lower Niger Independence Movement (LONIM) as it follows through the well-thought-out Roadmap that will usher in the much-expected Independence for the Peoples of the Lower Niger which we also call Biafra. Biafrans have through this successful boycott/Internal Referendum demonstrated their desire to leave Nigeria and they have unequivocally rejected the Nigerian fraudulent Constitution.

The DOS salutes the courage and doggedness of Biafrans even in the face of military coercion and intimidation plus the lies and propaganda reeled out against IPOB in the build-up to the massively boycotted election. There is no substitute for freedom and Biafrans have exhibited the characteristics of true freedom fighters which made a visiting French Ambassador surmise that “true and genuine heroes fight like Biafrans.”

As we go into the next phase of our self-determination journey, we urge every Biafran to continue to maintain their steadfastness in the quest for the Independence of the Peoples of the Lower Niger and we shall never allow any double agent acting as human rights organization to ever deter us. We shall restore the Independence of our fatherland regardless of the antics of agents of Satan because the restoration of the nation of Biafra is a divine project whose time has come and is, therefore, unstoppable, unquenchable, irreversible, and irrevocable.

Again, congrats to Biafrans for a successful boycott of Anambra gubernatorial election.

Long live IPOB, long live LONIM, and long live the nation of Biafra!!!

Barrister Emma Nmezu
Dr. Clifford Chukwuemeka Iroanya
Spokespersons for IPOB


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