End racism against Africans in China- BNC tells Chinese Government

Africans and rights violations in China
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Africans in china

The Biafra National Council, one of the umbrella bodies, pushing for the exit of Biafra from Nigeria, has called on the Chinese government to end the inhuman treatment of Africans residing in China, especially those of Biafran origin. The call was made in a press statement titled ’’Biafrans as Commodities of Trade between Nigerian and the Chinese Governments’’, issued on April 18, 2020. The statement reads…

Biafra National Council is deeply saddened by the ill and inhumane treatments repeatedly meted out against blacks in China by the Chinese government as a result of Corona virus outbreak. From several videos, notes and information available online, we have noted with dismay and disgust Chinese government’s racial profiling of blacks, especially of Biafrans as it concerns us. And we wonder on which grounds these treatments are coming. We are Biafrans and we demand an immediate stop to this madness. We also demand a clear apology as well as measures to correct what has been done wrong.

It is no news that this Covid-19 pandemic broke out in Wuhan of China, not in or from anywhere near Africa. One therefore wonders why the government of China would enact a policy of man hunting of Africans– not Indians, nor the whites, nor those of other races as these go about their business without molestation.

In all these, we see the government of Nigeria in bed with this same government to the extent that we wonder if the government of China is directly against Biafrans and for what purpose(s). Clear statistics would show that about 70% of Africans all over China are from Nigeria and over 80% of those Nigerians are from Biafraland. Greater patronage of Chinese productions are from Africa, from Nigerian and by Biafrans. We therefore wonder if China is in bed with Nigeria specifically to aid in carrying systemic genocide against the remnants of Biafra and to what end. God who cares for us as well as He cares for all mankind will keep us; and we will resist every attempt at prolonging all the mastered wickedness against us.

Just as the Chinese rarely forget debts of kindness or ill-treatment owed them, we, too, are not that forgetful that we would neglect the fact that we were being dehumanized in our lowly state. It is the wish and desire of Biafra National Council that China becomes a permanent friend to Biafra and fully represented within our sovereignty as one of the friendly foreign missions. We take this as a mistake and, therefore implore the good government of China to jettison this profiling and attention and do what is necessary, especially, as they expect the world to see them as a dependable partner and super power. To the Nigerian government, we have nothing on this matter to say further except that history shall prove or disprove all of us.

To Biafrans in China and all over the world, Biafra National Council encourages you to stay law abiding and hopeful despite every odd as we will not rest on our oars until Biafra comes.

Signed by Ikechukwu Enyiagu (ike.enyiagu@biafranationalcouncil.org) For Biafra National Council (BNC)


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