Nigeria: Biafran lawyer files complaint with ICC on crimes against humanity. International Business Times (IBT)

A lawyer from the Amesterdam-based Prakken d’Oliveira law firm has filed a complaint with the International

Criminal Court (ICC) on alleged human right abuses against pro-Biafrans in south-eastern Nigeria. Göran Sluiter, who specialises in international criminal law, told IBTimes UK that his team interviewed dozens of people who had been victim of alleged abuses committed by the Nigerian government, including murder, unlawful imprisonment, torture and enforced disappearance.

The complaint follows claims that since President Muhammadu Buhari came to power in 2015, violence against pro-Biafrans has allegedly intensified.

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Mexico: A thriving industry is still wary of cartels

Michoacán produces 8 out of every 10 avocados sold in U.S.
The avocado industry is as buoyant as ever for farmers in the state of Michoacán, but producers fear a resurgence of criminal groups in the state that may once again endanger their livelihood.

The Association of Avocado Producers, Packers and Exporters of Michoacán (Apeam) reports that the state produces more than half the avocados consumed in the world. Just in the town of Tancítaro, one of the main productive centers of the region, nine out of every 10 pesos can be traced back to avocado production.

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Nigeria, Africa’s most populous country, may be facing hard economic crisis if its president Muhammadu Buhari fails to address the resurgence of militancy in the oil rich Delta area.

According to a report published by Daily Post Nigeria January 20th, the major oil refineries in the country have been shut down following bombings by militants.

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